Clouds looking like marshmallows lol (Taken with instagram)

One day! (Taken with instagram)

Neva let da cover of dis book fool yuh cuz da story behind it can b deep,dark & emotional.

Wat Darkness Tells Me

In da dark i am da red eyes yuh see
I stalk my prey & smell da soul within she
As yuh dream im dat unknown body yuh see
Places yuh go to my illuminati nation is wat bleeds
Unholy cup of souls i devoure & nurish
Yuh can neva bring me down
I will foreva live in da shadows of yah darkness
Serpents of dragons & fufu dogs as my gaurdians all around me
I am da almighty unholy devil of dis mason shit ALL SEEING EYE all around me.

I dont mean to be rude & inconciderate
But my Intentions tells me dat yuh lost am i rite can yuh consider it
Need some help get plane & take some trips
But dont smile jus come lets do it by da end of dis
Mid morning breakfast
Sleepless sweaty nite, god damn i love it wen yuh rhode it right
Made trips exspensive shit lounge nights & heavy morning fuk alil breakfast
Ur smile is incredible ur touch is in petualble
Ur body feel warm & moist next to mines
Didnt i tell yuh we was gunna do it :-).

OvoXo yah girlfriend at my nect show, she strips down & gets low, pick it up till da next hoe, or should i say no, no now fuk dat bow DOWN!

I push myself for da excistence of me I neva mind others cuz im doing dis for me Yuh think yuh can do betta fit yah self in my shoes Do wat i do & laff at desperate measures like this I walk in all black so wen i put on dat white yu’ll knoe wich line right Life is “Live Iterpret & Fuck Everythin” dats my motto


If yuh was in my shoes ull knoe ever moment in my life is to cherish, i party hardy till my shoes fall off, we all laff so hard till our cheecks hurt,i live to live & not b depressed or stressed about nuttin, shit happens.

Inhale smoke till my lungs fill up, foggy state of mind, trapped underneith layers of lies, so i smoke till its all gone & wait till i hit da floor wit dat buzz of highness, as i blow it out all stress & anger is all forgotten & im me again.

Dis is sooo ritee!!! I love my space jus dont go & invade it wit nonsense.

Dis is sooo ritee!!! I love my space jus dont go & invade it wit nonsense.

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